We're redefining Microorganism detection speeds with our suppression of short lived fluorescence technology.

Tools that make the identification of dangerous bacteria much faster, cheaper and easier.

Our Vision

Our Company aims to help you perceive what cannot be seen. We are microscopists, physicists, chemists and molecular biologists, we understand the need for tools to discriminate and identify that one cell in a billion. Our Company is focused on providing a complete system to label, locate and identify bio-molecular components of interest to the clinician, microscopist or scientist.


Our solutions chemically label molecules or cells of interest instantly through our advanced patented Fluro4D Technology. These conjugative chemistry techniques are a massive breakthrough for pathogen detection. Working hand in hand with our GALD technology we will drastically change pathogen detection times for hospitals and laboratories around the world.



Our Patented GALD technology suppresses Autofluorescence, a natural emission of light by biological structures that has in the past made locating certain particles near impossible. Our award winning research has made locating that target particle fast as ever with the Gator4d and Fluro4 conjugative mix. Only your targets are emitted, whilst all other particles are turned black.



Through our advanced labelling and locating techniques, the identification of dangerous biomolecules has never been easier. If you want your lab running the most efficiently, finding molecules and bacterium and the greatest speed possible, and use the most cutting edge technology contact us today.


Our Technologies

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